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brand strategy

strong brands stand out and form emotional bonds with customers. they build engagement and loyalty — even becoming part of people's identities. but a brand is more than just a visual identity or logo. it’s an entire experience. with a strong brand strategy, you spend less time selling and more time connecting.

brand strategy

i help with the things that strengthen your brand: listening to your customers. finding out what they want to hear from you. defining your brand vision. aligning your internal culture. raising brand awareness and building brand equity. my job is to make your brand top-of-mind with your target audience.


dozens of brands in a wide range of sectors have trusted me
to get their brand strategy in tune and performing better than ever.

wholesale sports canadas outdoor outfitter
motorcycle offsetters
parkbridge communities
mike randall design


"we had to rebrand due to unforeseen challenges, and the support from adam and his team during that process has been invaluable.  he supported us through planning and prioritizing all the activities needed for our rebrand, and gave us insights into how best to market the launch of the new brand."


- nightingale naturals

"having  adam's support and guidance has been absolutely crucial, both while developing our brand and business model, as well as our marketing. the consultations and follow-ups containing advice and resources, gave us much needed help in our developmental phase and created more success and stability for our launch and growth phases."


- makeshare

"as a result of our work with adam, we have a renewed brand purpose and are actively building a brand that will support our ability to connect with clients and enter new markets across Canada. we are also excited about growing our team as we move in this new direction."


- cl web developers

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