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canadian digital adoption program

when the pandemic forced shops and offices to shut their doors, businesses scrambled to adapt. many turned to digital strategies to fill the gap and found that, even when normal operations resumed, technology gave them ways to better serve their customers and create a competitive advantage. the canada digital adoption program (CDAP) was created to help small and medium sized businesses accelerate their digital transformation and to fuel economic recovery. but before meaningful transformation can happen, your business needs an effective digital adoption plan.

CDAP digital advisor

i am an official CDAP digital advisor that provides premium, bespoke strategic planning services to eligible canadian businesses under the boost your business technology grant program.  the grant covers up to 90% of the cost of retaining my services as your digital advisor to develop your custom digital adoption plan, up to a maximum grant value of $15,000.

together we will build your business a fully tailored digital adoption plan that includes assessing your current digital maturity, recommending tailored digital solutions to support your business strategy, and creating a roadmap to guide your transformation journey.

other CDAP advisors churn out templated plans along with questionable financial incentives, but if you are looking for a digital advisor that provides personalized, premium services customized to your market, your industry, and your business challanges, then let's get in touch

get your digital adoption plan

if you have already completed your digital needs assessment, been approved for the boost your business technology grant, and found me through the CDAP digital advisor marketplace, simply contact me to discuss next steps and we can begin working together on a tailored digital adoption plan for your business

CDAP digital advisor

unfortunately, the boost your business technology grant program is now fully subscribed and applications are closed. however, the grow your business online micro-grant is still accepting applications. visit the innovation, science and economic development canada website to learn more about that part of the CDAP program.

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