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marketing strategy

a rock-solid marketing strategy simplifies every decision you make for how to position your business. when you know what your target market wants from you, and how to give it to them, your competitive edge only gets sharper. which leads to better market penetration, increased sales, and faster growth.

marketing strategy

a world-class go-to-market strategy takes a lot of parts: assessing the competitive landscape, identifying customer personas, planning and budgeting for your channels, and setting your goals, objectives and tactics. together, let's get your business to where you want it to be with your target audience.


dozens of brands in a wide range of sectors have trusted me to

get their marketing strategy in tune and performing better than ever.

sport chek
sea cider farm & ciderhouse
cult collective
atmosphere camping hiking outdoors
servus credit union


"we found value in the help, advice, and support from adam, particularly in the areas of business model design, strategies, customer acquisition and learning management systems. his support was instrumental for the launch of our new website and the completion of our organizational audit"


- bateman foundation

"we were fortunate to be connected with an advisor who provided much-needed guidance in regards to how we can grow our business both locally and globally. i'd like to say a huge thanks to adam for his expertise and support as we developed plans for entering new markets."


- cl web developers

"we were developing a new marketing strategy, and adam helped myself and my publicist understand the need to know not only the demographics, but the behaviours of our target clients and how to connect with clients with both off-line and digital marketing tactics & channels."


- patwell consulting

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