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omnichannel experience

when sales channels are siloed, it shows. nothing frustrates customers faster than feeling like they’re dealing with a different company every time they interact with you. an omnichannel strategy will help you design your customer experience from their perspective, not yours. this builds more engagement and brand loyalty and makes it easier to scale up your operations for growth.

omnichannel experience

i can help you switch from a disjointed multichannel approach to a solid omnichannel strategy. i’ll take a look at your customer journeys, help you plan for process and system integration, and look for opportunities to unify your brand experience. because your customers expect a consistent, streamlined experience, not a fragmented one.


dozens of brands in a wide range of sectors have trusted me to get their

omnichannel customer experience in tune and performing better than ever.

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nezza naturals
flight cannabis
vessel liquor


"in adam, sol fine foods has had an experienced friend by its side throughout the chaos created by the pandemic. furthermore, expert advice from adam has played a crucial role in the implementation of new infrastructure that unified our online and offline customer experience."


-  sol fine foods

"we strategically re-focused into launching e-commerce retail experiences for two of our brands. adam has been invaluable to our success in navigating the omnichannel world that we were previously unfamiliar with, and has helped us achieve success, despite the hiccups we faced."


- the truffles group

"adam was instrumental in helping us pivot to an omnichannel business model while we grew our e-commerce channel, his guidance allowed us to better overcome the challenges presented by the pandemic, and this new strategy has also helped us deal with new challenges."


- nightingale naturals

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