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fractional CMO

a fractional CMO is an executive-level marketing professional who works with businesses on a part-time basis. they provide the business with access to high-level managment expertise, marketing leadership, strategic planning, and oversight, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time chief marketing officer.

fractional CMO

i provide senior strategic marketing expertise and leadership to select companies as a fractional CMO. by being embedded in the business i can build, develop, nurture, and lead marketing strategies and teams, leveraging my years of experience and industry knowledge to drive growth and profitability.


dozens of brands in a wide range of sectors have trusted me
to get their marketing teams in tune and performing better than ever.

salon monster
fgl sports
dan-d foods
bateman foundation


"we strategically re-focused into launching e-commerce retail experiences for two of our brands. adam has been invaluable to our success in navigating the omnichannel world that we were previously unfamiliar with, and has helped us achieve success, despite the hiccups we faced."


- the truffles group

"we were focussed on developing a resilient customer-focused organizational structure, with specific questions about how best to structure our marketing team. adam helped me, the board, and my leadership team understand the advantages, challenges and management approaches to centralized, decentralized, and distributed marketing teams."


- bateman foundation

"as a result of our work with adam, we have a renewed brand purpose and are actively building a brand that will support our ability to connect with clients and enter new markets across Canada. we are also excited about growing our team as we move in this new direction."


- cl web developers

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