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planning facilitation

every team has strengths and weaknesses. but it takes an objective eye to highlight opportunities for improvement. a third-party facilitator can help remove team biases, break down silos, and get your team working together. when you can tap the brainpower you already have, your team gets a sense of ownership over business goals. and you get alignment and buy-in on your organization’s direction.

planning facilitation

my services provide workshop facilitation and collaborative planning sessions with your teams. these can include research and analysis beforehand on the goals you’re trying to reach or the challenges you’re trying to overcome as a team. we can then draft strategic assessments to address your situation, and help with ongoing quarterly or annual planning and benchmarking.


dozens of brands in a wide range of sectors have trusted me to

get their strategic plans in tune and performing better than ever.

solid cad
corus entertainment
united farmers of alberta
cansel geospacial and engineering
fgl sports


"we were focussed on developing a resilient customer-focused organizational structure, with specific questions about how best to structure our marketing team. adam helped me, the board, and my leadership team understand the advantages, challenges and management approaches to centralized, decentralized, and distributed marketing teams, and facilitated a virtual session with my leadership team on this topic."


-  bateman foundation

"adam worked with me to bring in the amazing talent of a local digital service provider, and facilitated the planning between the teams in order to roll out the rebranding that I was already undertaking into an impressive and thoughtfully designed online experience."


- mike randall design

"we were seeking professional expertise to digitalize the patwell consulting business, we explored how best to digitally register clients and improve the customer experience that included marketing, purchasing products, and registration. adam helped our team work through the key considerations and provided a detailed and extensive report containing insights and advice"


- patwell consulting

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